With Dr. James Mally
November 3, 2023
Friday 9am-6pm
$160 (8 hours   this class counts for credit hours)
$27 materials

Nerve Glide Techniques
With Dr. James Mally
November 4, 2023
Saturday 9am-6pm
$160 (8 hours)
$10 materials

Side Lying Massage
With Dr. James Mally
November 5, 2023
Sunday 9am-6pm
$160 (8 hours)
$10 materials

Anatomy for Bodyworkers
With Dr. James Mally
TBD Upper Body and Lower Body
Thursday-Sunday 9am-6pm
Upper or Lower Body- $300 (16 hours)
Both classes- $550 (32 hours   this class counts for credit hours)
$25 materials

Incorporating Cannabis into your Practice

With Nicole Fryer, CMT

TBD, 10-4:30  (6 hours)

$150 + materials
Nicole Fryer is the Vice President of Spa Hospitality at Humboldt Social. Her passion for sustainability, education and wellness, in addition to her 20 plus years experience with multiple cannabis based businesses, positioned her to co-found the Social Spas brand. On 4/20/2021 Papa and Barkley Social Day Spa in Eureka, CA, opened its doors and was one of the first spa’s to use THC activation in massage treatments. Currently the Social Spas include 3 locations in Humboldt County, with plans for national and international expansion.

Nicole also sits on the Board of the Cannabis Spa Association, a national collaboration with wellness experts, researchers and scientists with a mission to set a precedent in the cannabis wellness community as a source for commendable education and trusted recommendations for cannabis products from accredited professionals.


Workshop by local chiropractor Dr. Sarah Griffith
Massage Hacks for Bodyworkers
Saturday 9am-6pm (8hours)
$150 + $10 materials



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