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First Annual Turning the Wheel: Seasonal Celebration & Self-Cultivation Workshop Series
We invite you to join us as we intentionally journey through 2021 by awakening ourselves to the power & magic each season has to offer. Inspired by the Chinese Law of the Five Elements & the Earth-based “Wheel of the Year” calendar, these seasonal observance workshops provide an opportunity for our community to come together to recognize, honor, and celebrate the natural rhythms of the Earth/Moon/Sun cycles. This workshop series provides the necessary tools & knowledge to help prepare you to live in harmony in health & wholeness as we move through the most important cycles of the year as well as all cycles of life & living.
Lead Facilitator: Kara Simpson, CMT, RYT-200

Late Summer: Rejoicing in the Light of Late Summer (August 21, 2021)
Autumnal Equinox: Nourishing & Harvesting Fall Bounties (September 18, 2021)
Winter Solstice: Rooting with Winter (December 18, 2021)

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